My kitty mom and dad are trying to get Peanut and me to eat adult cat food. I’ve been on this great Nutro kitten food for the last year (and every once in a while, if I’m good, I’ll get the yummy wet food), and I just can’t get used to the adult food.

Rather than complain to my kitty parents about the food, I’ve come up with an ingenious plan to get them to keep feeding us the kitten food. I took Peanut aside and told him that he should yak on the floor every time they try to pass on the Science Diet adult indoor cat formula. He’s done it a few times, and I can tell that mom cat is not happy. He even did it on her pretty green hallway carpet runner, and I could tell that she was really mad about that.

But my plan is working – we’re still on the kitten food. I hope that mom doesn’t catch on to my game. I like that Peanut has to take the fall for me. 🙂