Hi everyone! This is Val, of Val and Dave.

Dave and I recently were married, and like every good 21st century couple, are now sharing our lives with the world online. 🙂

Dave had this crazy idea of starting a blog that combines our last names, Steele and Villaraza, hence steelaraza.com. I’m not quite sure what this blog will consist of…on my end probably just random updates on my life, our life, the real estate market, and our kitties. On Dave’s end, I’m sure that you’ll learn helpful statistics and engineering terms, what the afternoon commute was like from Concord to Alameda, and which comic book you should stock up on next week.

Today our friend Ben helped Dave to realize his blog dream by setting up up with this lovely domain address, as well as introducing us to wordpress. Thanks Ben! You should also check out his wife Lauren’s blog (see the blogroll), as well as their adorable bundle of cuteness, Mirabelle’s blog.