DISCLAIMER: Dave and I don’t go to the grocery store as often as the average family.  We’re big take-out/eat-out/restaurant folks, much to the chagrin of a few of our friends who love our kitchen.  So, the fact that we see Lorin every single time we go to Safeway, may not be that amazing after all.

It seems like the last few times that Dave and I have headed to the big, new, sexy Safeway at the Alameda Town Centre (that’s with an “r-e” and not an “e-r” because apparently, Alamedans like to make things complicated), we have run into his best friend Lorin. 

Like yesterday…after spending a very lazy, much-needed day at home catching up on reading , Dave and I had a lovely dinner at Speiskammer on Lincoln.  We then headed over to Safeway at 8:15 to buy groceries.  Dave turns to me in the parking lot and says, “Wouldn’t it be funny if Lorin were here?”  To which I respond, “Humph, it does seem like he’s always here when we are.  Which, granted, isn’t very often, but he is here an awful lot.”

So we’ve done through about 75% of our shopping – no Lorin – and I had to excuse myself to go to the ladies’ room.  Which, by the way, is actually half decent at this particular Safeway.  Upon my return, Dave runs up to me, and excitedly screams, “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHO IS HERE.  I saw Lorin’s head a few aisles down.”

Okay, maybe Dave doesn’t scream.  But he is excited.  And when Dave is excited, he tends to talk in a much louder voice than normal.

Dave walks up and down a few more aisles with me, but he is too excited to focus on Bisquick(TM) and green onions.  He says that he’s going to go find Lorin, and down the aisle he disappears.  A few minutes later, he pops back, sans Lorin, but confirms sighting and conversation.

I just find it incredibly funny that every time we’ve been to Safeway in the last few months, we have seen Lorin, including:

July-ish: During the big heat wave.  We went to Safeway at 10:00 at night because it was too hot to go during the day.  Lorin was there.  We saw him by the chicken freezer.

June-ish: We went on a late Sunday afternoon grocery run because, frankly, we had nothing else better to do.  Lorin was there. We met in the ice cream aisle.

April-ish: We went to Safeway because we both had a tomato bisque soup craving, and by God, Safeway has got incredible tomato bisque soup.  Lorin was there.  We saw him in the bread aisle.

So, although we only live 10 minutes from Lorin, we don’t get a chance to see him and his family very often (they’re busy, we’re busy, they have little children who go down relatively early, we have cats who need all of our love, attention and free time).  But the next time Dave needs his Lorin fix, we’ll hop in the car for some Groton’s fish sticks and the big guy.

Epilogue: I did see Lorin too.  He came up to me with a big “Hi Val” hug as I was pondering Febreeze Air Fresheners vs. Glade Plug-Ins.  I went with the Febreeze.  Thanks Lorin.