Well, me. Or my sick dementia. You be the judge.

Imagine an ice cream truck transformed into a mobile karaoke unit, driven by a squirrel cub with a penchant for cheap magic, deployed to spark spontaneous interaction between passersby in Chavez Plaza and surrounding neighborhoods. ”

Basically, it’s karaoke in an ice cream truck with a squirrel. I ask you all — How could this BE any more cool?!

While the web-site (and I suspect, their performances as well) tries WAY too hard to be avant-garde, the concept still appeals to me greatly.

And I love their rules for karaoke, especially #9.

I must find this truck, and combine it somehow with my long-unfulfilled dream to drive a zamboni through a mall while dressed as Batman.

Adding this along with the “Blues Brother’s mall chase scene” music to the whole mix would be the cherry on the top of my insane, yet wonderfully non-sensical dream.

But I can’t do it alone — I need your folks help to make this happen.

So to quote one of Val’s favorite shows: “Make it work, people“. 🙂