One thing I’ve also loved are the movies that are “so bad, they are good, but not for their original intent”.

Usually this involves sci-fi movies, but not necessarily.

Here’s Dave’s Suggested Viewing List for those that appreciate unintentional humor and pain in their movie watching:

1) “Streets of Fire“. This movie has 80s pop, Willem DeFoe in fire-retardant overalls, “that guy” from “Greatest American Hero” that always gave the teacher a hard time, exploding motorcycles every … oh, ten minutes, and Diane Lane, who would go on to a fine acting career despite her extremely poor lip-synching talents at the time.

Why it is wonderful: It’s got Willem DaFoe in fire-resistant overalls. And cheesy 80s music from my junior high days. And Diane Lane is pretty hot for her age.  As always, if this isn’t your thing, you know what you can do.

2) “Hudson Hawk“. Yes, this was THE Bruce Willis flop that most people cite as an example that he is not, in fact, a 100% success. This movie’s box-office failure wasn’t Bruce’s fault — it suffered from a classical Hollywood blunder, namely, incorrect marketing. It was marketed as a thriller when in fact it was a comedy spoofing thrillers. And who can go wrong with James Coburn? And secret organizations vs. the agents of the Vatican for the fate of the free world?

Why it’s wonderful: I think perhaps Lorin and I are the ONLY TWO PEOPLE on the planet that can fully appreciate “Hudson Hawk” for the masterpiece it is. It brings us closer as best friends to know that there’s a movie out there that speaks for us. 🙂

3) “Damnation Alley“. It’s World War III and I’m feeling fine. Oh wait, no I’m not. In this classic — George Peppard is a military pre-A-Team guy with the worst fake Southern accent ever, tagging along with Paul Winfield and Jan Michael Vincent. It’s got giant Scorpions, armored RV’s and radioactive humans. (Nope, no mutants. Sorry.) And for a big finish, a tidal wave working over somebody’s model train set!

Why it’s wonderful: The first time I saw this movie I was about 9-10 years old, and I thought it was the scariest dang thing I ever saw. I recently re-watched it and it gave me a small glimpse into the boy I was — and I’m laughing my ASS off at him. What a no0b! 🙂

4) “Flash Gordon“. He’s a football player… IN SPACE! Should I go on about Topol and his maverick NASA ways? I can’t remember the leads names aside from Topol and Max Von Sydow (and yes, even with imdb, I’m not going to repeat or link them here since they never did much else afterward). Squint hard enough and you’ll catch Timothy Dalton in a really EARLY role in green tights. And great Queen music.

Why it’s wonderful: The Queen music. Overriding mind control by repeating 60s Beatles tunes in your head. And despite ALL of the laser beams going back and forth, nobody dies unless it’s from impaling sharp objects. And this movie has serious snark! Everybody from Mongo is kinda aggressively bent. I suspect this was director influence to the actors… “Remember — you’re not from Earth! You don’t have to be nice! Get what you want and to heck to the rest! Except at the end, of course, where you need to be nice and concillatory.”

5) “The Truth About Charlie“. This wasn’t a box office bomb (it’s a remake of Charade), but I can’t figure out why the heck I like this movie, because while Thandie Newton is cute, she’s not necessarily my type.

Near as I can tell — It’s goofy at the wrong times and too serious at others.

More to come, but those are the ones at the forefront of my mind at the moment.

Research, and if you dare, rent these classics and give me YOUR review!

Mwah hah hah!