Grr. 😦

Saturday was definitely not a fun day. From working extra hours at work to coming back to my hybrid in SF only to find that my car was broken into and my cellphone, pager and sunglasses were taken (filed a police report ON-LINE, because the cops can’t be bothered to come out to CITY HALL on McAllister and Polk), let’s just say I wish I could get a do-over.

photo_082606_009.jpg photo_082606_010.jpg photo_082606_011.jpg

The good news is that I managed to get everything replaced today, managing to dodge getting gouged by the local Honda dealer (window+frame vs. just the window — BIG difference), but it took most of the day to get things taken care of at the body shop.

I did, however, get to see the Likha Pilipino Folk Ensemble in SF with Valerie right before the car craziness. The costume director of Likha was our wedding coordinator… whom Val and I both call “Cousin Warren”.

Those of you at the wedding would recognize him as the guy who saved me from passing out with the strategic placement of a pillow during one of the longer kneeling parts of our ceremony. Since I wasn’t raised Catholic, I hadn’t quite figured out that if you lock your legs during the kneeling parts, you can actually deny your brain some blood. Oops.

Back to Likha — the costumes were great and the dancing interesting, even if I couldn’t necessarily “figure out” the stories behind each dance.