I have discovered the best waste of time… ever.

It’s a virtual home of MANY of the old Apple IIe games from my childhood. All in one place.

For PC’s — just use IE and the java stuff should take care of things themselves. The virtual engine will take care of the rest. (Right now I’m using Virtual PC’s IE to run these things on the Mac…

For Apple users — If you do NOT have Virtual PC on your Mac (or for you lucky MacBook users, another partition of Windows) pick up a virtual engine here and run the disk image on that.

But for those of us — yes, you know who you are — who love an “old skool Apple IIe game”, this is heaven.

My faves:

  • Aztec — Indiana Jones — yee hah
  • Rescue Raiders/Choplifter — or, as I used to call it, “101 ways to crash a helicopter!”
  • The Bard’s Tale, Dragon’s Eye and Wizardry series — answering my inner D&D geek long before Everquest
  • Drol — here’s a funny (“droll”, ha hah) short story. My junior high teacher (who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty) for my computer class admonished us for using the computers for playing Drol. After class, he approached me to “make a copy or two for his son”. It’s arcade like and very movement oriented.
  • Dino Eggs — I remember my sister liking this game, also very arcade-like. I suspect if you took the games played on the Apple and Atari 2600 systems, we probably paid for the computers in saved arcade quarters alone.
  • Castle Wolfenstein — the mother of Wolf-3D, which begat Doom, Quake and every other 3-D shooter. Worth the price of admission to throw a grenade at the SS guys simply because it still puts my hackles up when they come through the door and shout a high pitched “SS”!
  • Loderunner and Hard Hat — scroller games. Very fun!
  • Noticably missing: Infocom’s PLANETFALL. Best text-game Infocom game… ever. Floyd RULES!

Try this, you won’t be sorry!