Dave and I are die-hard fans of The Amazing Race.  I cannot wait for 8:30 pm on Sunday, September 17, as Season 10 of the greatest show on earth begins.

We were first introduced to the show a few years ago when my friend Katrina called me up and said that there was a reality travel show where the contestants would have to go to the Philippines and put together a jeepney, and then plow through a field with a carabao in tow.  I had heard about the show in previous seasons, but it didn’t sound too compelling at that point (and I was invested in other quality shows at the time like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette), but because they were going to the Philippines, I thought I’d give it a peek. 

I was instantly hooked.  Not only was my beloved Philippines in the spotlight, but it was so funny to watch the guy who complained the most about the whole challenge, Colin, try to maneuver the carabao.  He whined and cried and basically told his girlfriend Christie that he absolutely hated her for doing this to him.  Oh please, all he had to do was find a rope in a rice field…how hard can that be?  It was so disturbingly amusing to see how Americans deal with existing in third world countries.  I suppose that the rural surrounding was supposed to be a shock to the contestants, but watching it just brought back so many memories of my family in the Philippines. 

<begin_rant>On another tangent, the thing that really bothered me was that in that same episode, there was a challenge where the racers had to boat between 3 different islands and get their next clue at the location with the Philippine flagNONE of the racers knew what the flag looked like.  Did all of these people ditch their junior high school geography classes?</end_rant>

Anyway, we have watched every episode on CBS since that episode, and have watched all of the prior seasons on the Game Show Network. The first few seasons definitely had their kinks to work out, but as each season progressed, we began to imagine what our experience would be like on the show.  We both have our shortcomings (Dave is a terrible driver; I have no patience) and idiosyncrasies (Dave likes to analyze things to no end – which would definitely be a weakness in a game all about timing and strategy; I like to jump in and do things now now now – which definitely would be a weakness in a game all about timing and strategy), but ultimately decided that we could work those things out for the chance to be on the show.  I would drive, Dave would sit in the back and navigate with the map, and we’d both ask the cameraman who s/he thought was right. 

So, we tried out during an open casting call in March 2006 at the Floor Dimensions in Berkeley and joined a couple hundred other hopefuls, including an incredibly excited and very annoying Stanford Cheerleader and her mother; an IT guy and his very cool boss; and several overly anxious TAR groupies who had camped out overnight. 

TAR here we come!

Side Note: If the cheerleader and her mom made the show, we were both prepared to begin an official boycott, as well as set up one of those flash-rallies at the San Francisco CBS affiliate.  They were THAT annoying.

Dave thought that we might have a chance since we had a few interesting potential back-story-lines, including (1) we’re newlywleds; (2) we’re a mixed-race couple; and (3) I was wearing my very cool “Makulit” shirt that I bought from the SF Pistahan in 2005.  Okay, maybe (3) wouldn’t have been a compelling reason to have us on the show, but it is a very fabulous shirt.  Dave and I pitched ourselves in front of the camera as well we could but unfortunately didn’t make the cut this time around. 

There is, however, a San Francisco based pair in the upcoming season.  And, they’re Asian brothers, so I’m sure that we weren’t cast because TAR had filled its Asian quota for the season.  Ha ha.

I think that our big downfall, ultimately, was that we weren’t adequately prepared.  We’re going to do an actual video application for the next season (season 12), which I’m assuming will air next fall.  If you readers o’ our blog have any ideas as far as what we should include, let us know! We’d really appreciate the input!