Yes, it’s time to talk about that great time suck – television.

Yes, I’ll get around to comic reviews someday.

For now, here’s recommended TV shows from Dave.

Dave’s TV Picks of late (all active shows, if we get into already dead-and-planted shows, this list will get WAY too LONG…) include

Lost – if you aren’t watching this, it’s basically “Twin Peaks on an Island”. It has weird and quirky characters making character revelations left and right, so as a result, not a lot happens.

Nip/tuck – Val and I discovered this one just this week. It also has weird and quirky characters. The show is smartly written, but it’s well described as “deep characters doing superficial things”. It’s a seriously guilty pleasure.

Life on Mars – Val can’t see what I like about this. It’s yet another smartly written story of a British detective that gets bonked on the head (okay, run over by a car), who is likely in a coma but finds his active self stuck in 1973 surrounded by corrupt cops and has weird nightly visits from a creepy on-TV girl and her doll. How can you go wrong with that? And does anybody know when Season 2 starts? All I’ve read is “2007”.

The Shield – Another smartly written show about corrupt cops, but in modern day. The lead, played by Michael Chiklis, is without a doubt one of the more complicated characters in TV out there, and the mensch of the show reminds me a little of my buddy Lorin. The word on the street is that they have one more season in them, so after five seasons of buildup, the ending is either going to be REALLY good or seriously lame.

Battlestar Galactica – Another smartly written show about how 47k (give or take 1000) people in space are trying to find their way (not necessarily to Earth) after mankind gets wiped out. There’s two types of Cylons this time around – the “old school toasters” complete with red eye and funky claws, and the “just like you and me Humulons”. Great stories about the choices of survival and gotta love the pounding drum music that gives the sense of urgency and “oh jeez, we’re frakked” feeling. Has a very militaristic and political bent to the existing Battlestar setup from the 70s. So it’s not your dad’s BSG.

The Venture Brothers – It’s Jonny Quest done by the most warped minds possible. There’s parodies of Doc Savage, the Fantastic Four, Doc Doom, Dr. Strange, cloning, Easy Rider, Kevin Smith, parasitic twins and yes… The Star Wars Kid. Definitely the nerdy and most media hip show I watch.

… and oh yeah, the Amazing Race too.

Val’s picks: I could let her write about them, but from where I’m standing it appears to be:

Project Runway (which I always mis-type as Project Runaway, which then reminds me of a really BAD Sci-Fi movie with Tom Selleck)
• Any travel show showing European sites we’re hoping to visit soon (Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, etc.)
Nip/Tuck – yes, for those that know the show, it’s a STRANGE show to enjoy watching with your spouse, but hey…
House Hunters International – just remember folks, say it with me –

Suzanne Whang, yes. Starr Jones, NO.

(Not only that, but Suzanne Whang is my favorite host for the Tivo Pause Game. The game rules are as follows. Pause the Tivo at the funniest point in which their facial expression is the absolute goofiest, and laugh yourself silly. If/when I figure out how to take screen shots off the TV and onto the blog, I’ll share my TV joy with you all.)

and duh – The Amazing Race.

Stuff I’m looking forward to:

Future seasons of what I’ve listed, especially watching those dudes from SF that TOOK OUR SPOT on the Amazing Race.

Heroes – it could be good or extremely stupid – but those folks in LA are starting to crank out better superhero stories of late, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

And with that, I leave you to catch up on the dang Tivo. 😉