I have a Palm Treo and there are several photos on there that crack me up…

We (Val’s side of the family) have this silly thing that we do when we take photos, where we frame the face with the thumb and forefinger.  I first saw it on a filipino TV show, but for some reason Dave has taken to it.  We call it “Check ka na lang!”

Roach, Val & Sharon check Villaraza kids check Check ka na lang 2 Check ka na lang

Another thing we like to do is catch our cats doing weird things.  This is the strangest look I’ve gotten from Snickers so far:

Curious Snickers

The one I have of Peanut ranges from cute…

Cute Peanut

…to not so cute:

Not so cute Peanut

I also have my brother and sister looking a bit strange…

Goofy Lyman LynGrin

and the three of us looking a bit strange…

lyman farted

and Dave’s sister looking a bit strange as well.


This is one I took of my parents on our wedding day.  I thought they looked fabulous…


We hope you enjoyed!!!

Val Dave