For those of you living in cubicles, you won’t need an explanation, but for those that don’t…

I work in a cube. The cube walls are beige. As are the computers. One has to wonder — what came first, the cube walls or the computers? (I think the cube walls.)

Anyway, companies install these beige walls and then realize that they have to inspire their co-workers to loftier goals and assignments. For this they have colorful MOTIVATIONAL posters.

WARNING: SOME issues and items may not be safe for work, depending on your own corporate environment’s attitude.

Motivational posters consist of an inspiring picture of a skier or a golf course on a black background. Then there’s a “catch-word” followed by an inspiring quote.

While I won’t blog about my current workplace environment (because there’s tons of net-stories of folks that do and pay for it dearly), I can tell you that EVERY corporate office I’ve worked in HAS these posters SOMEWHERE in their facility and in addition there’s somebody that’s quoted the inspirational saying to someone else who probably wasn’t terribly receptive to the notion.

For the sarcastic and occasionally downtrodden, though… there is a solution to keep your sanity.

De-motivational posters!

Here’s my favorite of the bunch. And to make sure I’m making equal time for mockery — how about this one for engineers?

And like any other good idea on the Internet, it’s inspired a great number of imitators.

(Small warning: It’s a forum link of over 150+ pages of this stuff… nice time waster, though.)

The ones below are some of my favorite de-motivational inspirations graciously borrowed with permission.


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