This past weekend, my sister Lily Ann came for one of her whirlwind Bay Area visits.  Lily Ann, or “Lyn” as I’ve called her since she was a wee bebe, just turned 30, and was visiting from Chicago.  Actually, she goes to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, but if I were to write that she were visiting from DeKalb, well, then, she wouldn’t sound nearly as fabulous as she really is.

Lyn is in her second year of a Masters program in History at Northern Illinois University.  She’s a southeast Asian specialist, with a focus on the Tagalog language.  She’s probably going to get her PhD in History and teach, so in about 5-7 years, I hope to visit her as she is teaching in some fabulous city, standing in front of some fabulous group of college students at a fabulous university.

Yes, my sister is a bit of a diva, and that is why the word fabulous was used thrice in one sentence.

So, the point of my story is that on Sunday we went to Thirsty Bear in San Francisco (they’re on Howard at Third, kitty corner from the Gold Club. Ick).  It’s a brew pub that for some reason also serves Spanish-style tapas.  Their beer is good, I’ve been told.  Their tapas are even better.  I’m sure that there are several other more authentic tapas joints in the Bay Area, but this bar holds a special place in my heart.  I moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles in 1999, and Thirsty Bear was one of my first regular after-work haunts.  I’ve loved it ever since.

We don’t get to go there very often anymore, but whenever Dave and I are in the city, it’s always one of our food destinations of choice.  Their tortilla espanola is good, as are the empanadas.  We couldn’t have the empanadas this time around, unfortunately, because there is killer spinach out on the loose.  We did, however, have beer, sangria, and lots and lots of yummy spanish food. 

Lyn Dave Lyman Lyn, Dave & Lyman

Check check check! Dave, me & Lyn

 Dave looks scared Lyn, Dave, me (sort of) and Lyman all trying to squeeze into the timer shot)

Lyman loves flames Belated Happy Birthday Lyman!