October 2006

While traveling Valerie and I were witness to a series of Americans misrepresentin’ how cool we should be in the international scene. Or maybe Valerie and I are the ones misrepresenting with our over-extending attempts to be respectful. You be the judge…

Things we overheard or saw while overseas:



Yes, Val and I have been back almost two weeks now, and after fighting off something virally nasty graciously given to us by a large narcoleptic German with sleep apnea, we’re finally back and settled at Steelaraza Central.

People have been asking for pictures and stories about the honeymoon, and while we’d love to share them all, there’s just too much to share at once, so Val and I have been at work, shaking down the nearly three thousand (you think I’m kidding, I’m not!) pictures down to a reasonable level.

We’re just under five hundred now. But before you click on this link below, realize that it’s still a work in progress and there’s still many stories “in between the photos” to tell. A little over half of the pictures below have comments, and eventually we’ll get to most of them, but for now…enjoy the photos and commentary!

You’ll need lots of time to look at all of our photos…

Dave and I have such high hopes for our blog, so we apologize for being a bit sluggish in posting lately.  We’re back from our honeymoon (we returned on Oct 17) and have lots and lots of stories to tell.  We’ll get them up here soon!!!

Our cruise has finally come to an end. We dismbarked the beautiful Grand Princess this morning in Venice, and have now been left to our own devices. And our Rick Steves book.

So far, Venice has proven to be absolutely maddening and beautiful at the same time. There are only 60,000 people who live here, but they get over 18 million visitors/tourists each year. Apparently locals are fleeing the city, and they expect another 8,000 to leave in the next ten years.

But enough about that, for we shall definitely post more once we return.

We miss our kitties so much! There have been many kitties that we’ve run across in the last 2 weeks out here – the fat orange tabby in Volterra was particularly amusing, and the Mykonos kittens were cute and very photogenic – but nothing compares to our two little baby cats.

We miss you Snickers and Peanut!