November 2006

Dave and I voted via absentee ballot weeks ago, but I still miss the reward of the little oval sticker.  I started voting via absentee ballot in the 2004 election, but for all elections prior to that, I would go to the polls before work and wear my sticker all day.

I voted!!!

So I went online and found this lovely graphic as well…


I hope you all did your civic duty today too!  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that there’s a shakeup this time!


Okay, this is the last embed video of the day. 

I’m posting simply because I think Daddy Dave will enjoy, especially with the D&D reference. 🙂

Paige sent this to us the other day.

It’s one of the strangest cat-love videos out there, but oddly heart-warming.  Enjoy!

Happy birthday Auntie Paige!  We hope that you’ll come back to Cali for a visit soon!

Hanging Out

We miss you!  Love, Snickers and Peanut

 Snickers Peanut