While toying with some concept ideas behind MY version of putting a Youtube show to the monitors, I decided to start doing a bit of looking around at “previous examples” out there in The Internets.

One thing I’ve always enjoyed out there in terms of “funny video clips” is the concept of the altered movie trailer. This was originally started as an art college project that’s caught on as a hobby to the internet video savvy.

By altering an existing movie trailer, either with different narration or music, one can change the whole feel of what the actual movie is about, and that’s kind of a feel I’m aiming for with the “show” once I get some filming under my belt.

Some of these trailers are funny, some are downright scary.

Here are some examples:

Sleepless in Seattle as a thriller

(the) shining as a heartwarming family drama (my current favorite)

West Side Story as a zombie movie

and even more to be found here.