January 2007

Boston shut down today over this:


Now, if I didn’t know better, I’d say “Wow. It’s an obscene litebrite of a space invader.”

But Boston treated it as a “suspicious package” and rolled out the anti-terrorist squad.

But wait, I do know better. Had Boston called me, I could explain…

… because I actually KNOW what it all MEANS.



I came across this particular web-find a few months back…

It’s known as YTMND, or “You’re the Man Now, Dog!“, which is a Sean Connery quote from “Finding Forrester”.

The concept is to take a single image or animated GIF/short and then play an in-joke or sound clip to go along with it.

The original YTMND can be found here (but a warning first — make darn sure you turn down your sound AND get ready to click away from the site, since it gets annoying after, oh… five seconds).

But the concepts coming out of this particular type of net-humor could be endless.


Val and I have this running joke about “the robots”…

It all started with this wonderfully done commercial from Saturday Night Live featuring Sam Waterston from Law and Order talking about “robot insurance”.



I saw this today on the San Francisco Chronicle website, and it nearly broke my heart.

I am, to say the least, disappointed in our man George. I’m sure that Ms. Anderson has some redeeming qualities about her and is a lovely person, but I don’t think that saving the refugees in Darfur and challenging Bush’s failed domestic programs in the area of natural disasters rank high on her “fun things to do” list. Maybe “french manicures” and “trying on swimsuits” are closer to her realm of afternoon activities.

I’m sure that I will be accosted with accusations of being bigoted against overly-large breasted blondes, but hey, you do what you gotta do…

It helps to get things off my chest.

Here’s my latest “on notice” list to purge myself of things that eat at my tender soul.


The previous one can be found here.

Woodsy the Owl

Here’s a terrifying web-find demonstrating the current administration’s refusal to be held to environmental standards.

Apparently, the 1970s were not good to us, and Woodsy the Owl must be destroyed by the government!

Furthermore, I love that EACH PIECE of Woodsy must be destroyed beyond recognition and done WITH THE OVERSIGHT OF THE USDA.

“Give a hoot, but if you pollute, it won’t matter, because I’m in the great owlnest in the sky…”

Poor Woodsy.  😦

Last time I wrote about comics, I wrote about the comic books that are being actively published.

Today I’m going to write about the stories that I believe, despite their age, have a bit of timelessness or impact about them and therefore should be sought out and not just read once, but consumed, discussed, re-read and re-discussed.

These are the books that the comic book reader shoves into the hands of a non-comic book reader that loves reading in general but otherwise poo-poohs the medium as being childish.  (It’s not, it’s NOT!)  🙂


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