Yet another great website suggestion came from my sister Paige (yes, the one who brought you the dancing cat) over the holidays.

It’s another search engine, but it’s a search engine with an ATTITUDE.

Ask Miss Dewey a question, and she’ll give you the answer, but not before giving you a piece of her own mind.

NOTE: If you don’t have a good audio/video feed, don’t bother.
Miss Dewey doesn’t care if you have dial up or a lack of a decent video card!

ALSO NOTE: If you hesitate to ask her a question, she WILL drum her fingers, pretend to “fish you in” or she might just yell at you. Make sure you’ve THOUGHT of your question first before firing her up, because you don’t want to waste this lady’s time!

But merely asking her stuff you actually WANT to know is boring (not to mention slightly time-consuming to wait for the AV to play through before getting the search engine results) what I wanted to do was to test her programmers and her programmed attitude the way you can cause the Eliza psychology program to break down by asking strange “why” questions.

So I tried these:

When it asks “Miss Dewey, tell me how…”

Add the following in the blank:

  • “to survive an alien invasion” (change it to “robot invasion” and yes, it’s actually different!)
  • “to get your phone number” (it’s just a question, folks… remember, I’m a happily married man. Besides, her reaction is priceless.)
  • “to clean up a murder scene” (not that I’d ever… you know, NEED to know how to do this. Uh uh. No sir.)

and then stand back from the screen!

If you folks get some your own unique Miss Dewey responses, post ‘em here… 🙂