Do people even DO these anymore? It’s already the 2nd, so I figure I should say something about this time honored tradition.

In addition, I’ll be brave and share one of my goals with you all.

In some of the more traditional methodologies in manufacturing engineering that I’ve been oh-so-well properly brainwash… er, trained in, a goal usually isn’t successful unless it’s a SMART goal:

S – Specific (must be specifically defined – in other words, if I’m getting healthy, how do I measure that? Blood pressure? Weight? BFI?)

M – Measureable (it’s got to be numerically measured) – this means LESS BS wiggle room. Darn.

A – Acheivable (has to be humanly possible) – Now we’re getting picky.

R – Relevant – Once again, how picky can you get?

T – Time Framed – can’t be an open ended thing. This I actually like. I

I hereby announce my SMART goal to “lose ten pounds plus or minus five pounds (by … oh, let’s say…) the end of August and sustain the weight loss until the end of 2007.”

This should put me at my ideal weight for a man standing 6’2” on a good day.

(Yes, those of you with your calculators and Internets should be able to derive a good guess at my current weight. Go ahead. I can take it.)

For the critics: What, my goal isn’t time framed enough for you?

If so…what’s YOUR New Year’s Resolution? Hmm???