Val and I have this running joke about “the robots”…

It all started with this wonderfully done commercial from Saturday Night Live featuring Sam Waterston from Law and Order talking about “robot insurance”.

So the joke is this — whenever I leave through the front door at our house, I often forget to lock it. I blame my upbringing in a neighborhood in which a locked door wasn’t all that necessary. Strangely, I didn’t have this problem in college — I guess I must feel [too] comfortable out in Bayport.

Val, rightly so, needed to correct my behavior, so now we’ve got a little reminder on the door — just a note that says “Dave, Lock the Door, The Robots are Coming”.

I remember the SNL ad in my head, smile a bit at Valerie’s tender manipulations, and it works. I remember to lock the door, and all is well with the universe.

Little did we know that the ROBOTS ARE ALREADY ON THEIR WAY

Yeah, this thing’s real. It’s an industrial robot that starts with tennis and ends with a freakin’ broadsword controlled by a Wii remote. Should these guys decide to put wheels on this thing — I don’t know if a locked door is going to keep them out.

Guess I’d better sign up for robot insurance.

And because I’m a geek, yes — I really really want one of my own. 🙂