I came across this particular web-find a few months back…

It’s known as YTMND, or “You’re the Man Now, Dog!“, which is a Sean Connery quote from “Finding Forrester”.

The concept is to take a single image or animated GIF/short and then play an in-joke or sound clip to go along with it.

The original YTMND can be found here (but a warning first — make darn sure you turn down your sound AND get ready to click away from the site, since it gets annoying after, oh… five seconds).

But the concepts coming out of this particular type of net-humor could be endless.

Another couple favorites of mine:

Vader Coaster   This particular one came to mind after reading Valerie’s title blog entry today…

Mariah Carey Demands Sacrifice!  Brought to you from the Indiana Jones Temple of Carey Doom!

There’s much much more to be found here… if you dare!