Boston shut down today over this:


Now, if I didn’t know better, I’d say “Wow. It’s an obscene litebrite of a space invader.”

But Boston treated it as a “suspicious package” and rolled out the anti-terrorist squad.

But wait, I do know better. Had Boston called me, I could explain…

… because I actually KNOW what it all MEANS.

It’s a character from “Aqua Teen Hunger Force“, a cartoon featured on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim set of programming. The litebrite was a guerrilla advertising campaign for the show. The ads have been featured in twenty cities already, and yet, Boston was apparently caught VERY unaware by the litebrite and called out the anti-terrorist squad.

The cartoon is amusing and the theme song can’t be beat. And now with the extra publicity, I suspect the DVD sales will seriously spike big time. Good! It’s a funny show.

The best way to describe the theme of the show — Think adult cartoons with a talking set of Happy Meal characters (shake, a flying side of fries, and a wad of meat) for characters. They used to fight crime, but now they… uh, hang out and stuff happens.

The mooninites are basically “space a-holes“. They say and do mean things… well, because they can.

I suppose I could get on a rant about the sheer amount of stupidity and fear within America on this, but I think we all know that most of us form a hivemind — a collective hybrid cyclone funnel of lemmings and gerbils since 2001.

C’mon… that’s OLD news… it’s so… 2002.

But here’s what I’m really looking forward to — anyone out there with youtube link footage of newscasters trying to EXPLAIN the show’s thematic elements to a wider audience…?

Now THAT’S entertainment. 🙂