February 2007

Very fun, simple, yet addicting flash game online.



It brings folks together. Val and I owe pretty much everything we’ve shared together due to karaoke.

Karaoke was at the center of our first date… we went to a nifty place in the Castro called The Mint. I had discovered The Mint a few years earlier since Lorin and I were karaoke buds from our Davis days and once Lorin moved out to the East Bay, it was a birthday party location for him one year.

The Mint is basically a bar with a small stage. The VJ on the weekends, Frank — is a no nonsense, one strike, you’re out kind of guy, but if you get up on stage and sing, he’ll do his best to make you sound good. And if you’re spectacular, he hits the “flames” button and cheesy fake torch-like flames sprout up on either side. It’s a wonderfully fabulous and cheesy at the same time kind of place, and 99% percent of the time, everybody has a good time.

Val also separately discovered The Mint as well, so when trying to figure out where to have our first date, the subject of karaoke came up (because nothing is as crazy a first date as singing to someone you barely know!), and once we discovered we both separately knew about The Mint, well, it was almost a foregone conclusion that I knew this lady was going to be someone very special in my life.

Ever since then, when folks think Val and Dave, they often think “karaoke”.

As the self-appointed Karaoke King and Queen of the East Bay, folks often send us links about karaoke related stuff and it’s time that I started to enlighten our blog audience of my two cents of the karaoke experience.

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I was browsing through youtube, when I came across the video for Black Eyed Peas’ song Bebot.

Now, I am no huge BEP fan by any means, but whenever I hear this song it makes me happy. Sure, “Bebot” means hot chick, but it is sung in tagalog and it makes me proud to see this out in the mainstream.

Enjoy the video! The second one is pretty funny…

Also, shout out to AJ Calomay, of Xylophone Films.  He’s a UCLA Bruin too!

Thanks to Amanda for helping me to finally identify my childhood condition

Back in Lesson One – I went on (and on and on…) about certain statistical metrics used for measuring data.

Today I’m going to talk about a juicier (and hopefully CONCISE) sub-topic – how to check statistics you read in the paper, on television, or the Internet.

Here’s an example — the following is a pie chart.  Remember pie charts?  Everybody loves pie charts because everybody loves pie!  The idea is that folks can relate to percentage statistics more if it’s a slice of a pie.

Robot Attach PieChart

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Today was a slow day at work.  A very slow day.  Very.  Very.  Slow. Day.

Which is why I had time to put together these two lovely pages for our kitty babies, Snickers and Peanut.

I’m coming to get you…

Look for them online, and if you have a catster page, they’d love to be friends with your kitties.

Wow, I do need my crazy pills…