March 2007

… as I’ve mentioned before, Lorin and I have toyed with the idea of a comic book review podcast. We’ve been collectors for thirty years, so it’s time to impart our time-tested comic book wisdom to a newer generation.

Since Lorin and I are married (to our respective spouses), and soon both of us will have children, our comic budgets have been tightened. As a result, the days of saying “I want that one and that one and that one…” is now reduced to “But am I reasonably certain I’ll get a good story?”

So like any collector with a tight budget, we have to focus on our likes and dislikes. However, my focus tends to be what is coming out now, whereas Lorin is a man of the past, and has already been writing his reviews of 1960s Marvel Comics in soft-print.

However, it’s always amusing what comes out of conversation between two comic geeks. It’s like a flow of pop culture irreverence reflected at a genre that, according to most folks, we should’ve given up decades ago.

Trying to explain this form of dialogue entertainment through softprint (i.e. over the net) is difficult, so ever since I heard the term “podcast”, I’ve always thought capturing our weekly comic chats might amuse others. It’s the time scheduling and technology factors that have gotten in our way. I’m close to figuring out the second one, so who knows?

But before I enter the world of the audio podcast, I decided to check out the competition.



…not to be confused with MTV’s Cribs.

So Valerie and I have been looking at cribs. We first started with Babies R Us since there’s a store about a half mile away from Val’s office in Emeryville. At the suggestion of our friends Ben and Lauren, we also went to Lullaby Lane, an OLD store out in San Bruno with great selection, semi-decent prices, but lousy service. The first time we went there, I was attempting to flag a store clerk down and was sharply rebuffed since she was “busy with another client” (which is okay, but the tone was rather harsh given the conditions), and the second time Val was there, she asked for a crib catalog and got the equivalent of a yellow pages book at a phone booth — several pages were missing from the catalog.

As an alternative, we also went down to Baby Super in San Jose (near our old stomping grounds B.A. — B.efore A.lameda) and they have a similar selection, but with decent service at an even better cost. The prices were lower than Lullaby Lane AND they had 10% sale discount off their own prices. And Val adds, they were nice. So basically, when we finally narrow down what we want, we’ll probably get the crib there.

We narrowed our crib choices with the following criteria…


What do you get when you combine Steve Jobs’ infamous “Reality Distortion Field” and President Bush’s Middle Eastern Strategy?

The iRack!

Not much going on out here in Steelaraza Land, but there’s stuff on the web that I’ve found either amusing or useful… more after the tag…


There are so many interesting things on the internet, and today I ran across this on another blog that I thoroughly enjoy reading.

It’s amazing to see who has and hasn’t had an impact on our world (economy, health, history, etc.), and where “analysts” predict future progress and blame will lie.  Enjoy!

I am nerdier than 9% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Uh oh…my nerd score may mean that I’m not compatible with Dave

Oh well, at least our kid has a chance of being relatively normal. 🙂

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already in a bad mood.

Well, maybe not bad, but certainly less than happy.

After a relatively difficult Monday dominated with a gurgling stomach and growing upset, I woke up this morning still not fully recovered from the previous evening’s … maladies.  (more…)

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