Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all of your well wishes, both on our blog and over email. Dave and I are so excited about our new addition – every day is a new experience, a new sensation, a new lesson learned.

Right now I am in my 15th week…I think. My docs still haven’t been able to pinpoint the due date – it’s been going back and forth between August 27 and September 7. I should have a more exact idea at my next doctor’s appointment after the doc has been able to review the ultrasound.

We have another ultrasound scheduled for April 16, which is when we’ll be at the 20 week mark, but we’re also considering doing the 4D ultrasound with our parents in tow. I’ve always been a bit freaked out at those images, as the babies always look like mummies from the Discovery Channel, but Dave wants to get it done.

Until now, I’ve been able to use most of my clothes. Most of my work pants still fit, if a bit tight, so I’ve been able to stave off the dreaded first shopping trip to Motherhood (insert Maternity, Store, Wear, etc.). I think, however, that I will need to buy a pair of fat pants in the next two weeks. Today’s pants were a bit on the tight side, so I went to the motherhood.com website to see what some of my options are. There is actually a lot of cute career and casual wear for the expectant mom. I was afraid that I’d have to wear big balloon dresses by June, but after looking at more maternity clothes online, I’m a bit excited to try a few pieces on.

Side Note: I’m writing this as American Idol is on. I hope that this chick, Antonella, is finally kicked off this week. Her presence on the show is an insult to people who sing in karaoke bars.

I’ve had doctor’s appointments every two weeks, and the people at East Bay Perinatal Medical Associates have been very kind. My doc told me that the delivery will be at the Alta Bates campus in Berkeley, which is a good 20 minutes from our home in Alameda. I hope that this baby decides to join us during non-commute hours. 🙂

I plan on updating this blog at least weekly to give our loved ones near and far an update on Baby Pooter’s progress. For now, he or she seems to be doing just fine. 🙂