Here’s an interesting new net thing… redubbed comic books.

The Civil War series put out by Marvel Comics was meant to be an allegory to reflect the current red/blue state approach to the latest “stretching” we’ve seen in our constitutional rights in the post 9-11 world.

Sadly, the original doesn’t really fly too well. Certain activities don’t reflect the established character conceptions, and as such, the Internets have responded — by writing their own version!

And oddly enough, while too often reaching for the jokes implied in the artist’s creations, it still comes CLOSER to the character concepts than the original.

Here’s the versions I’m talking about. They may very well be removed in the future due to infringement, but they are too darn funny NOT to link to or share.

Some strong language in these parodies, so these links rate a NSFW warning.

Issue #1

Issue #2

Issue #3

Issue #4

Issue #5

Issue #6

Issue #7

UPDATE:  Same guy did the “epilogue” in Front Line #11.

Civil War FrontLine #11