Rather than a full blown article – today’s entry is all about a few disconnected items…

My results: dave_nerd.jpg

So there’s hope for me yet. Hope for what? Exactly. 🙂

  • One of the greatest joys on the net – AskANinja.com videos. If you have to ask, you should be watching it already. If you don’t have to ask, you already have several clips on your iPod.

My favorites:


Ninja Dates:

(I’m sure there are others — but I have about 5-10 to catch up on.)

  • It’s the start of Week 16 of the “Home Project” – but I think I’ll let Val have a few words on that one. From my end, my excitement has been a visual inspection of the exterior of the project work followed up with carefully chosen verbiage to describe the exterior. 🙂