It’s only Tuesday and I’m already in a bad mood.

Well, maybe not bad, but certainly less than happy.

After a relatively difficult Monday dominated with a gurgling stomach and growing upset, I woke up this morning still not fully recovered from the previous evening’s … maladies.  I’m not sure if it was the pepper jack cheese that I ate with my turkey sandwich from Domenico’s Deli, or the half a box of sugar-free thin mint cookies I devoured afterwards, but I spent most of last night curled up on our family room couch watching shows about medical mysteries on the Discovery Health Channel.

And poor Dave hates those shows.  What a trooper.

Today I really just wanted to stay home and watch chick flicks like Bridget Jones, When Harry Met Sally, and anything with Hugh Jackman (Someone Like You…sigh), but work calls and I must fulfill my daily duties to my office and my clients.  And besides, I love real estate

Anyhow, this is my second day of wearing maternity clothes to work.  Dave and I had a lot of fun this past weekend buying maternity clothes (well, I had fun, Dave was just along for the ride), and I must say that I was happily impressed with the selection at both Target and Motherhood Maternity.  Both have some really great clothes (and on the less expensive side of the fashion aisle), like this and this from Target, and this cute number from Motherhood Maternity.  All in all, I’m happy with my new duds, and hope that I’ll still fit in them a few months down the road. 

I still haven’t felt any of the “butterflies” that friends have mentioned for when the baby starts to kick, but I’m sure that the kicks and punches will be here in no time.  Dave is anxiously waiting for that day when we’ll be sitting in front of the TV or having dinner, and I grab his hand, put it on my tum, and say “Can you feel the baby kicking?”  To which he’ll shed a happy tear of joy and perhaps wish that he could be the one to feel the baby kick.

(And yes, I know it sounds like I’m poking fun at my dear sweet Dave, but he does say every now and then that he wishes he could carry the baby.  And it makes me love him just a little bit more each time.)

More than anything, between this week and last week, I’ve really noticed the change in the size of my tummy.  Last week, both Dave and Lyman noted that I looked truly pregnant (“Dude, you’re getting big!”), since my tum was slightly bulging over my jeans.  I was down to only a few pair of non-elastic waist pants at that point, so this past weekend’s shopping excursion (big thank you in part to Mom Soon-to-be-Grandma Steele) was not a bit too soon.

But we still have other shopping to get started on, like cribs and nursery furniture and all that good stuff.  But that will be for a future post.  Until then, have a Tums for me.