Not much going on out here in Steelaraza Land, but there’s stuff on the web that I’ve found either amusing or useful… more after the tag…

First up is the “home project” related items — now that the home project is becoming a bit more real, I’m starting to search out on-line help for new dads-to-be. (No insult intended to the grandpas and the lolos out there!) I found a nifty weblog for new dads that occasionally has interesting stuff.

There’s also a website that I like to look at because in between ultrasound peeks I can visualize how big the baby is getting is the Visible Embryo page. Another week and we’ll be at this stage.

Secondly, tech stuff!

Thanks to the ‘rents — I finally got around to using the macally FMCup for the iPod:


… and it’s a LOT better than the Griffin iTrip for listening in the car, lemme tell ya.

I still have a little hiss, but considering my major reason for listening in the car is to catch up on audio podcasts, it’s a godsend. 🙂

On another note – has anybody been gutsy enough to update to Mac OS 10.4.9 yet?

Third — TV:

American Idol — Melinda Doolittle rocks. The rest can go home already, she’s got this one locked. Her voice is awesome and she has NO ego.

The Shield returns in April! Finally! But it gets even awesomer. There’s one more season after this one! Corrupt cops providing TV escapism, gotta love it. But a WARNING — only click the Sheld link if you’re not worried about SPOILERS.

Lastly, does anybody know if the Season Two of Life on Mars is showing on BBC America any time soon? I don’t get the satellite feed, but I’m itchin for more coma-70s flashbacks. (And no, I don’t have a bittorrent hookup yet…)

Fourth — comics:

The Captain America 25 E-Bay watch — currently the variant issue is selling for about an average of $20-25, when not two weeks ago, it was $4. Again, I’m still not sure what this says about humanity as a whole.

I’ve been reading two other fairly large book sized comic book related items lately.

The first is the Titans Companion, which is a collection of writer and artist interviews about the Teen Titans, which weren’t all that as a comic book until the early 80s, and swiftly became DC’s highest selling book because, well, it wasn’t as traditional as Supes and Bats were for DC at the time. I’d ONLY recommend this to somebody who collected this book a lot longer than I did, because aside from a good set of Wolfman and Perez interviews, there isn’t much I can get my skull around.

The second is the Essential Ms. Marvel. I can thank Lorin for this since he bought it and I’m borrowing it. 🙂

Briefly — the Marvel Essential line is how the cheap-a$$ comic book collector can read the older stories without having to cough up a pretty penny. The Essential line borrows the whole Japanese manga concept of printing comic material on cheap newspaper print paper, and therefore can sell an entire collection at a great price. So for the oldsters like myself and Lorin who want to read those stories out of an overblown sense of comic book historical curiosity, it’s a great product.

However, specifically the Essential Ms. Marvel doesn’t do it for me. About the only main thing I can say is that I can recommend it to folks that want to read everything Chris Claremont (X-men) has ever done. It’s a 1970s interpretation of what a “modern woman” stood for then — kinda like Mary Tyler Moore for the superheroine set. In short, not something I can truly get into — Essential Man-Thing and Essential Godzilla were easier reads… they came from the same decade, but at least they had the whole “environment’s-going-to-hell-and-I’m-a-monster-and-I’m-not-gonna-take-it-any-more” motif that’s far easier for a male reader to identify with. 🙂

One plus though, it has a reprint of the best group fight comic EVAH. So it’s not a complete waste of paper.

So that’s it for me – Val should be posting her Week 17 update soon enough.

Have a good week, folks! 🙂