…not to be confused with MTV’s Cribs.

So Valerie and I have been looking at cribs. We first started with Babies R Us since there’s a store about a half mile away from Val’s office in Emeryville. At the suggestion of our friends Ben and Lauren, we also went to Lullaby Lane, an OLD store out in San Bruno with great selection, semi-decent prices, but lousy service. The first time we went there, I was attempting to flag a store clerk down and was sharply rebuffed since she was “busy with another client” (which is okay, but the tone was rather harsh given the conditions), and the second time Val was there, she asked for a crib catalog and got the equivalent of a yellow pages book at a phone booth — several pages were missing from the catalog.

As an alternative, we also went down to Baby Super in San Jose (near our old stomping grounds B.A. — B.efore A.lameda) and they have a similar selection, but with decent service at an even better cost. The prices were lower than Lullaby Lane AND they had 10% sale discount off their own prices. And Val adds, they were nice. So basically, when we finally narrow down what we want, we’ll probably get the crib there.

We narrowed our crib choices with the following criteria…

One — no white cribs. White cribs freak me out. You know those horror movie previews in which they’d slowly pan on a white crib with the innocent mobile music playing, only to have a grotesque clawed hand dramatically shoot out from underneath the baby blankets? Yeah, me too. (And for some strange reason – if the preview for this movie is somehow on You-tube, I seriously DON’T WANT TO KNOW.) So no white cribs.

Two — after advice from my mother and other friends with kids — no convertible bed cribs. Mom claims it makes it easier to get the kid to “graduate” to the bed by making it a big deal earlier in life rather than later. (I’m wondering if this comes from trying it two different ways with me and my sister, but I didn’t ask.)

And whom I to question the wisdom handed down from mother to son?

Three — there’s two styles that Val really liked – both of which come from the Model 8800 of the Morigeau-Lepine collection. I suppose the French-Canadians know how to build cribs. There’s a more modern crib in their Model 9000 group that both Val and I like as well, but it’s even more expensive than the 8800.

Lastly, we’re trying to hold off on any sort of major decision until we get the next ultrasound (mid-April), in which there’s a good chance we might find out whether or not we’re having a boy or a girl. And if we can’t get a good read, there’s always the 4D Ultrasound on an insanely sized 100″ plasma TV screen.