… as I’ve mentioned before, Lorin and I have toyed with the idea of a comic book review podcast. We’ve been collectors for thirty years, so it’s time to impart our time-tested comic book wisdom to a newer generation.

Since Lorin and I are married (to our respective spouses), and soon both of us will have children, our comic budgets have been tightened. As a result, the days of saying “I want that one and that one and that one…” is now reduced to “But am I reasonably certain I’ll get a good story?”

So like any collector with a tight budget, we have to focus on our likes and dislikes. However, my focus tends to be what is coming out now, whereas Lorin is a man of the past, and has already been writing his reviews of 1960s Marvel Comics in soft-print.

However, it’s always amusing what comes out of conversation between two comic geeks. It’s like a flow of pop culture irreverence reflected at a genre that, according to most folks, we should’ve given up decades ago.

Trying to explain this form of dialogue entertainment through softprint (i.e. over the net) is difficult, so ever since I heard the term “podcast”, I’ve always thought capturing our weekly comic chats might amuse others. It’s the time scheduling and technology factors that have gotten in our way. I’m close to figuring out the second one, so who knows?

But before I enter the world of the audio podcast, I decided to check out the competition.

The first one I discovered was Augie DeBleck’s Pipeline Comic Book Podcast. He’s got a Top Ten which is his list on his likes and dislikes for the week.

But I gotta say – a one man show lacks banter and his voice sounds a lot like a higher pitch version of my buddy Andy (you can see Andy in the blog title picture just to the right of Val’s noggin), which is disconcerting. And well — he’s just not that funny. So after hearing this podcast, I knew that Lorin and I could do this podcast thing.

That is, until I heard Comic Geek Speak. These guys actually seem relatively normal (as far as Comic Geeks go) and have the banter and the pop culture references working for them. They are also the ones who have a near-encyclopedia knowledge with respect to the DC Comics 52 series, which is basically a giant toy-box/showcase series to show off what the DC niverse is without Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.

Because 52 is published weekly, not monthly, trying to “catch up” for me was virtually impossible until these guys came around. And now with the FMCup, it’s easy for me to catch up through the podcasts during my daily commute, because KCBS truly does become boring after several years day-in, day-out.

Steve recently e-mailed me about Around Comics, another podcast he recommends. Since I’ve known Steve has also been a comic geek since the 80s, I trust his judgment even if I haven’t heard it yet… I’ll be giving it a try as soon as I “catch up” with the 52 podcasts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ultimately, though — I’m hoping the Lorin and Dave podcast can get our bizarre sense of humor to a wider audience… I think we’re aiming for the “Then and Now” concept — I do the new reviews, he does the old ones, and then we either agree or bicker about the industry trends.

We’ll see if we can pull it off. Stay tuned. ๐Ÿ™‚