Two more weblinks that were too good not to share that I didn’t include yesterday…

1) I have figured out where humankind will be at war in the year 3000. Here.

Or, to paraphrase Jack Handy:

“Whether or not they find life there, I think they should consider [Gliese 581 C] an enemy planet”. 🙂

2) This awesome A-Z book for kids based on Street-Art () missed the Web link cut last night (because I found it this morning), but it’s so neat I HAD to mention it…

An Excerpt:

Every alphabet book uses a nest for the letter N. Juniper and I seem to be in agreement that nests are kind of irrelevant. I feel it is much more important for her to identify other things that start with the letter N, such as ninjas:


Now if our home is ever attacked by a group of numb-chuck-wielding, star-throwing ninjas, Juniper can shout out a warning that could save all our lives. The same is true for this one:

Z is for Zombie!

You traditionalists can teach your kids about all the zebras all you want, but my kid is going to know how to identify a zombie wearing underwear as soon as she sees one.

(Dave wistfully thinks…) “Ah, Max. At a young age you will be able to identify your Ninjas and snake-Zombies. Papa will make sure of that.” 🙂

Lastly, back in the real world — Val isn’t 100% sure, but Val thinks she felt Max moving around right around the time she got up today. Hopefully he sends us more reminders that he’s in there, growing and doin’ just fine. 🙂