May 2007

[Side note before I get started — yes, we enjoyed Sedona very much.  Pictures and comments to follow soon enough in another entry.]

File this under yet another thing that “I knew about”, but little did I know how far the rabbit hole went…

My love of Japanese animation goes way back to Star Blazers in the 1970s… which is originally known as “Space Cruiser Yamato” in Japan. From there, I saw the occasional Lupin bit in the video game CliffHanger and once Robotech came out, I was hooked.

For the unintiated, the big difference between Japanese animation and “American cartoons” was that most Japanese animation projects have a continual, evolving plot unlike the “done in one” American cartoon concept.

Or, instead — they focus on character and seemingly ignore plot — generating comedies so random they defy description.

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Memorial Day weekend is a special one for us, as this year’s holiday also marked our one-year wedding anniversary.  I can’t believe that it’s already been a year since we tied the knot.  I suppose that is a good thing – that our first year as a married couple went by without much difficulty, and that we actually spent our special day anticipating another special day, the birth of our baby boy!

So I’ll keep this short and sweet.  Happy Anniversary to my sweetie Dave!  I’m so happy that we’ve had the last five years together, and can’t wait to spend the next five with you…and the next five and the next five…


Okay, first and foremost I should mention I didn’t FIND this website… Miz Anni of Innazim did.

(Take Note: I’m setting up the blame early.)

Flashback with me briefly if you will to the mid-1990s. We all had embarrassing trends and styles.  Case in point:

Dave X-mas 1995

But be brave — we won’t be here in the mid-1990s for too long!

You Don’t Know Jack was a CD-Rom game that kept the party going during my single engineer-nerd-geek-man condo days.

It was geeky enough for the geeks and funny enough for the non-geeks. And the fake ads at the end of the show were somehow stupidly awesome.

It became the reason why the Macintosh moved from the bedroom to the living room because I didn’t want ten people hovering over three people at the computer in my cramped bedroom.

As we travel back to the 21st Century — I have to offer my excuses —

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Little did I know what I would find when searching for “Calvin and Hobbes” on youtube:

First, we have a great animated sequence — but it’s not in English! Fortunately, there’s English subtitles…

Next, music videos! If you had a “Bad Day”, you should check this out:

Then there’s a great “Pink Panther” pounce:

And lastly, uh… the “Robot Chicken sequence” screaming to be done as a “Law and Order” episode…

And that’s just skimming the surface searches, folks!

Best random quote of the week goes to ‘Hobbes’:

“Cowboys never existed! They’re just a masculine image campaign reported by Marlboro!”

Yet another hearty congratulations — this time to Barb and Don Marselle — who now welcome their twin children a little earlier than anticipated, but Mom and babies appear to recovering just fine…

Abagail Mae: 3 lbs, 15 oz, 17 1/4 inches

Gregory James was born, 4 lbs, 1 oz, 16 inches

Congratulations to the new family…!!! 🙂

One of my best friends, Sharon, who I met when we sat one person away from each other in Mr. Lunsford’s 10th grade English class (sorry to Melanie Vance for talking over her for two years!), just became a mommy.  Sharon moved to the East Coast after high school to attend a very (ahem) prestigious university, and she hasn’t returned to the West Coast since.  We’ve been trying for the last 15 years to get her and Vince (but for Vince, only since 2001 – hee), but the closest to Cali that they’ve gotten to this point is Shaker Heights, Ohio.

True to Sharon and Vince’s happy party style, they welcomed sweet little Chloe Josephine on Cinco de Mayo.  Here’s a pic of the little one shortly after she made her grand entrance.

Chloe Josephine Tirona Obias

Congratulations to Sharon and Vince!  We’re so happy for you guys!  Now, please move back to Cali so that Max and Chloe can grow up together! 🙂

Sharon and Vince at our wedding, 2006

This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and my very first mother’s day.  I wasn’t sure if I actually qualified for this year’s festivities, but Dave, being the sweet daddy-to-be that he is, made sure that I had a happy and memorable Mommy’s Day.

 Max’s First Card!

According to Dave, Max told him while I was sleeping that he wanted to get me a present, but that he needed Daddy’s help since his hands were so small.  (And I thought that the difficulty lay in being encased in amniotic fluid!)  So the result was this adorable little card featuring our little guy, with a special message to mommy from Max.  Needless to say, I was bawling like a hydrant let loose on a hot New York evening.


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