We’re happy to report that little Maxwell has been moving and kicking and stuff about a week and a half ago. 🙂

The best way I can describe how it felt was holding a balloon in which somebody had pencils they were moving outward. I’m sure Val has a better analogy, probably one that avoids the word “balloon”. 😕

Max’s latest doc checkup also was good – his little heart is doing well and I’m bummed — it was done with an ultrasound… I missed the chance to seeing little Max again… and I like seeing my boy every chance I get. 🙂

We also got to meet Xander France for the first time yesterday, and he is a very cute and well behaved little baby boy. (At least when we saw him he was…)

Titus and Angie gave us some parenting books (thanks guys!) and they strongly recommended one of them called The Birth Partner, if only for good suggestions for calming down and caring for our little Max once he’s out in the world… supposedly there’s also stuff in there for helping Val out during the big day too.

There’s little else going on of late except to mention except we’re planning a “last vacation before the child/1st anniversary” trip to Sedona, Arizona!

It’s a short trip (only five days) but I personally have always wanted to return to Sedona. The first and only time I went to Sedona, it was… lessee here… 1996 (yikes… I AM OFFICIALLY GETTING OLD!!!) and I was on a trek from Los Angeles to Albuquerque and so I didn’t have a lot of time to spend there because I had other folks to visit (some old UC Davis friends had relocated to Orange, Mesa, and Albuquerque, respectively).

Sedona gave me that “quaint little town” feel that I would get with my family when visiting Bear Valley during the summer when I was a wee lad. Of course, I had this same sort of feeling about Diamond Lake, Oregon, which was definitely NOT the same experience going back after thirty years (the short story on this – there were virtually NO changes since 1977, so Diamond Lake seemed just a LITTLE run-down – we still had fun, though!), so Val is once again trusting my faint fond memories.

Sucker. 🙂

In any event, flashing back to 1996 – no Delorean needed — after my whirlwind view of Sedona for about a couple of hours, I got back on the road and vowed to return someday, especially after hearing that some of the South Bay Wapacut Folks had subsequently visited Sedona after my trip and bragged endlessly about it, doubling my resolve to return.

So at least Sedona has separate recommendations other than my own nostalgic memory this time around…

I’m also hoping that we’ll make time to visit the Grand Canyon with Valerie since I don’t believe she’s seen it yet, and if I remember correctly it’s about 2-3 hrs drive from Sedona.

I’m also curious about the “see through floor platform” that recently opened, but I suspect I’ll be going that one by myself…