This past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and my very first mother’s day.  I wasn’t sure if I actually qualified for this year’s festivities, but Dave, being the sweet daddy-to-be that he is, made sure that I had a happy and memorable Mommy’s Day.

 Max’s First Card!

According to Dave, Max told him while I was sleeping that he wanted to get me a present, but that he needed Daddy’s help since his hands were so small.  (And I thought that the difficulty lay in being encased in amniotic fluid!)  So the result was this adorable little card featuring our little guy, with a special message to mommy from Max.  Needless to say, I was bawling like a hydrant let loose on a hot New York evening.

Max and Daddy got me a few sentimental little tidbits, which if you know Dave, translate to electronics or entertainment items.  A few months ago, we were supposed to see the movie Music and Lyrics on Valentine’s Day, but our dinner plans were, uh, thwarted by the Emeryville Public Market, so we missed the movie.  (Basically, Dave wanted to go there since it was close to theater, and I wanted something other than hot dogs or korean take out as a dining option for this romantic Hallmark holiday.)  So, three months later, Dave got me the DVD which we watched and laughed over the next day.  BTW, “Pop Goes My Heart” is an excellent song! 🙂

Max got me a really cool CD of a live Donny Hathaway concert.  For those who may be unfamiliar, Donny Hathaway was an amazing soul singer, but unfortunately his life was cut short at 33.  He managed to create some amazing music in his brief life, which many fans like myself enjoy to this day.  He’s probably most famous for his duets with Roberta Flack (i.e. “The Closer I Get to You” and “Where Is the Love”), but “A Song for You” is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve heard to this day.  And Elliott Yamin sang a few of his songs on American Idol season 5!

Daddy loves his little guy

After the giving of gifts, Dave gave his little guy one more kiss, to thank him for thinking of such sweet presents to give to mommy.

For dinner, Dave took me to an excellent tapas restaurant in San Francisco called Alegrias.  Both of us have been craving tapas for months, but haven’t found the energy to make the trek to the city to search for those tasty Spanish tidbits.  As soon as we sat down, we knew we were in for a tasty surprise.  The ambiance was very Spanish, and reminded us of the dark little restaurants we went to in Seville.  All of the food was excellent – we had the standard tapas fare, including tortilla espanola, gambas al ajillo, emapanadillas de carne, jamon serrano (melts in your mouth!), and I watched Dave as he gulped down his glass of sangria (sigh).  The aioli was delish, and I kept slathering it on my bread, true to pregnant lady style.

I was so happy with our dining experience that I even wrote a review on  Sarap!  We’re definitely going back, probably after little Max is here, so that I can have a glass or two or five of sangria.

Happy Mother’s Day!