One of my best friends, Sharon, who I met when we sat one person away from each other in Mr. Lunsford’s 10th grade English class (sorry to Melanie Vance for talking over her for two years!), just became a mommy.  Sharon moved to the East Coast after high school to attend a very (ahem) prestigious university, and she hasn’t returned to the West Coast since.  We’ve been trying for the last 15 years to get her and Vince (but for Vince, only since 2001 – hee), but the closest to Cali that they’ve gotten to this point is Shaker Heights, Ohio.

True to Sharon and Vince’s happy party style, they welcomed sweet little Chloe Josephine on Cinco de Mayo.  Here’s a pic of the little one shortly after she made her grand entrance.

Chloe Josephine Tirona Obias

Congratulations to Sharon and Vince!  We’re so happy for you guys!  Now, please move back to Cali so that Max and Chloe can grow up together! 🙂

Sharon and Vince at our wedding, 2006