Okay, first and foremost I should mention I didn’t FIND this website… Miz Anni of Innazim did.

(Take Note: I’m setting up the blame early.)

Flashback with me briefly if you will to the mid-1990s. We all had embarrassing trends and styles.  Case in point:

Dave X-mas 1995

But be brave — we won’t be here in the mid-1990s for too long!

You Don’t Know Jack was a CD-Rom game that kept the party going during my single engineer-nerd-geek-man condo days.

It was geeky enough for the geeks and funny enough for the non-geeks. And the fake ads at the end of the show were somehow stupidly awesome.

It became the reason why the Macintosh moved from the bedroom to the living room because I didn’t want ten people hovering over three people at the computer in my cramped bedroom.

As we travel back to the 21st Century — I have to offer my excuses —

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(1) Okay, most of the cramp-ed-ness in the bedroom was because I wasn’t exactly Mister Clean and had a lot of clutter – but c’mon – I was a bachelor, it was allowed in those days.

(2) I offer no excuse for the coat. I don’t have one. Nor do I have an excuse for one part of the shirt collar sticking out and the other being tucked UNDER the coat.

(3) I offer a defiant non-excuse for the Hawaiian shirt or the facial hair. If I could have one or both, I probably still would. The price of being married, I guess. 😉

… And we’re back to 2007. You can all breathe a sigh of relief. 🙂

A couple of moves and what seems like lifetimes (and far less cluttered bedrooms) later – I thought I had finally put my YDKJ days behind me.

About 2-3 weeks ago I was digging through my OLD Mac software box and discovered these nostalgic relics – Volumes One through Four.

I almost threw them away, but realized that there was still some humor and memories in these CD-Roms, and besides, I might actually remember SOME of the answers if I ever decided to play somebody else again and look smart (yeah, like YOU never fed your own egos – c’mon, own up and keep readin’) answering these insane questions correctly.

So I saved them. But now there’s this!

Apparently the YDKJ folks have been making these mini-YDKJ (I assume it’s flash/Shockwave video) games and putting them on-line. There’s TONS of them. And they work the current popular culture memes.


Granted, they lose the punch of the 3-person version when playing solo, but the content, the humor – it’s still all there. It sucked me right in and Val practically had to use a crow-bar last night to separate me from the screen and keyboard.

Just remember your repeatable “blame mantra” for your spouse or significant other if you find yourself sucked into it – “Dave was only the messenger.”

Blame Miz Anni instead. 🙂