Valerie and I were looking forward to June 2nd for a while, probably moreso than our Sedona vacation (which yes, we still owe a blog post for, we haven’t forgotten)…

June 2nd was the day that we got our first peek at Maxwell via a 4-D Ultrasound!

Or as Grandpa Steele calls it – “cheating”!  🙂


Seriously, it did have the feel of peeking into a Christmas present before opening it, but I’m sure there will still be plenty of surprises and revelations about little Max when he arrives (currently due for late August) despite the “early preview”.


We crammed both friends and family around to see him for the first time into a small conference room with a couple of monitors, along with a Dell Projector that projected a home-theater sized image onto a wall of what the ultrasound was seeing.  We had a nice fella by the name of Thomas who ran the system and was very calming and reassuring to both of us.


I could go on and on about the technology involved, but heck with that – let’s see the pictures!


(We also have some video, but I’m hoping to change the music up a bit.  Our little dude needs something a bit more hip than a repeating “Rock-a-bye-baby” MIDI audio …)


In this picture – Max is just hanging out.  The mass to the left of the image that obscures it a little is the placenta.  He decided to hang out behind it for about ½ the session, just to mess with his folks a bit.


Max Picture One


The next picture is the same picture as before, but I wanted to point out the things you can make out with the 4-D ultrasound. 

Max Annotated


Near as we could tell…

  • He’s got the Villaraza nose…
  • We think he’s got the Steele eye shape
  • There’s a possible dimple near his mouth that Val thinks is a Dave feature (I’ve never noticed it, but I’ll take Val’s word for it)
  • Not shown here:  He’s got his father’s bum.

Other notable pictures:

Max Pic Two


He’s already pacifying himself with his thumb.


Max Pic Three


I think his eyes are actually open in this shot and with the 4-D ultrasound imaging, it’s kind of a creepy effect… but at least he no longer looks like Ghost Rider


Max Pic Four


And here he is doing his stretching exercises, touching both his hand and his FOOT to his head.  I really didn’t know babies were that flexible…!


And, of course, here’s one where he’s channeling his inner rebellious teenager…


Max Pic Five


Seriously, though – it was a great day.  Valerie and I are very happy with our little Maxwell, and we’re even more excited to meet him in August when he’s ready to come out!


We love you, our little son!  Keep growing and we’ll see you soon!!


Mommy and Daddy