Today is the 40th Anniversary of the Loving US Supreme Court decision…had Valerie and I been born earlier and met as recently as 1967 elsewhere in the United States, we wouldn’t have been able to have been legally married then.  That revelation was somewhat sobering to me.

(California gave folks the right to do so in 1948…so at least us Californians were ahead of the curve, even then.)

In any event, after reviewing the website, I then selected the “Real Couples” section…

I read the stories and thought – Hey, I should write a little something about Val and I.  So I did and was going to post it.

Sadly, they are “changing the system and couldn’t take new submissions” or somesuch.  Bummer.

But I thought I’d share what I would’ve posted…


37 year old


I am Caucasian and my wife is Filipina-American (2nd generation).  I am thankful and respect the efforts of those that made our union legally possible 40 years ago today.  We’ve been married a little over a year and expecting the birth of our first-born in a couple of months.  Despite the occasional cultural difference or two that makes our holiday celebrations entertaining, our families have been truly supportive toward both of us because they can see the love we have for each other rather than just the difference in the color of our skin.  I am a lucky and blessed man for being a part of two wonderful families.

Happy Loving Day!  🙂