I was looking over our blog and realized that I haven’t written anything of too much substance recently.  There certainly have been so many changes in my/our lives, the foremost being that our baby pooter is now only 9 weeks away.

That’s right folks…Nine. Weeks. Away.

Making Room…

I haven’t yet gotten to the point of freaking out, but I’m definitely starting to get nervous.  Dave and I have started in earnest the preparations for the house.  We are going to set up the middle bedroom as Max’s room.  Dave and Lyman have gotten one wall primed and ready for the real paint, but we still have three more to go.  I’m hoping that can be done in the next few weeks.  I think that we’re going to go for a two tone blue and green.  Blue on the top and green on the bottom, separated by a white chair rail.  Depending on how the colors work out, we’re going to try the dino border as well.  Please oh please let it come together!

Home Is Where the Heart Is

I had a wonderful weekend.  I went to San Diego last Wednesday night to spend some time with my parents.  My dad was so funny – when he saw me at the airport with my mom, I must have been doing the preggers waddle, and he started to do the same.  I haven’t seen him in months, and he was very happy to see how much his first grandchild was growing.  My mom was also surprised at how much I’ve grown – the last time I saw her was in March, and in the last 3 months, the Maxwell has definitely grown leaps and bounds.

It’s always good to visit my folks.  The last few years have been visits to home with Dave, so it was nice to be home with them on my own.  We had a great time watching the teleserye’s on TFC, eating pan de sal and corned beef torta for breakfast, and hanging out in general.  I think that I’m only starting to realize, now that I’m about to become a parent, how much my parents love me, my brother and sister.  It’s definitely something I would not have been able to feel until this point in my life.

So with that, I say Thank You to my parents, and I love you.

Of Baby Showers and Girlfriends

On Saturday, my dear friend Katrina threw me a Baby Shower in Los Angeles, and it was so much fun catching up with old friends.  Cindy, my roommate from junior and senior year at UCLA is also pregnant, and she and her husband are expecting a baby boy on September 12.  His name will be Mateo, and Cindy looked just adorably angelic with her tum.  She’s very petite, so the pregnancy is very noticeable on her, whereas on me, there’s quite a bit more surface area for Max to spread out over. 🙂

We had lunch at Callender’s Grill at the Howard Hughes Center.  Very nice place, and we were able to get a semi-private room.  I had a delish BBQ pizza for lunch (don’t get mad doc!), and the other gals had their choice of a Frisco Burger, Salad, and Fettucini.  The best part was the desert – Banana Creme Pie.  Yum! 

Thank you again to my girlfriends – Katrina, Christine, Lea, Angie, Cindy, Tess, Leila, and Ann – for sharing such a special day with me and Max.  He’s going to have some absolutely fabulous aunties and ninangs!  And thank you to Mama and Tatay for taking care of us when I was home!

List of To-Do Items

Since we’re nearing the home stretch, there are still a gazillion things that Dave and I need to do to prepare for Mr. Max.  Our running list includes:

(1) Attend our Labor Prep Classes at Alta Bates.  Our first class is tonight, and we’ll be meeting up with Katrina afterwards (in town on business).  I’m excited about the class!

(2) Attend our Baby Prep Classes at Alta Bates.  I’m excited for Dave to take the class.  I know that he’s nervous about caring for the baby (in the physical sense – he’s got the emotional and psychological sense covered), so hopefully these classes will help him feel more at ease.  I’m sure that he will do just fine – he’s ready for daddy-dom.

(3) Finish preparing Max’s room.  Prime, paint and furnish with crib and changing table

(4) Babies R Us.  Continue buying things off our registry so that we’ll be stocked up when Maxie is here

(5) Laundry Time!  Wash all Max’s clothes up to 3-6 months.  Dreft not necessary. Gentle cycle and Woolite is.

(6) Baby Proof the House.  We bought outlet covers from Target the other week, but for some reason they’re not working out too well.  Maybe we’ll get more at Babies R Us, our new favorite store.

(7) Help Prepare the Kitties for Max.  We have a strange suspicion that Snickers knows something is going on.  She’s been acting more skittish than usual lately, and runs around the house like a mad cat.  Peanut is his usual stubborn, rebellious self, but he’s also started to chase and knock Snickers over more than usual.  More time in the bad kitty pen…aka the powder room.

I’m sure that there are a million other things we need to add, but this is a good start.