July 2007

While I may have mocked mathematicians in earlier posts, this link on being able to do cube roots in your head actually does intrigue me.  (I suppose I should be disturbed by this… instead, I’m sharing it with you all.  Go figure.)

But for math nerds that hang with other nerds — this could be a way toward winning a free beer bet or two.


Lately I’ve been scaling back on my comic purchases since (a) I’m a soon to be dad, and (b) won’t have the TIME to actually get to a comic store.

However, to help myself through this comic drought – I’ve bought a couple of collections that should keep me busy – oh, probably forever.  Or at least to 2008.  🙂


While I’m in soon to be self imposed comic book hiatus, naturally they come out with the GOOD stuff.

Take the most visually LAME Marvel Comics super-villain possible and put him into a George Clooney movie role. This guy’s name is M.O.D.O.K. – or Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

Here’s his mug shot from SAG. I’ll wait while you ponder this.



Put this in the “stoopit but really funny in an absurdist way”… 200 Bad Comics.

My faves: #84, #121,#198.

On Friday Val was able to breathe easier, and her heartburn wasn’t as bad, her hip joints hurt, and her tummy stuck out a little more.

Adding up those symptoms – we came to the conclusion she’s probably lightening.

Short version – what this means is that Max is probably 2-4 weeks away.

Which, of course, is slightly sooner than anticipated, but since he’s considered full term at 37 weeks, he should be right on the early side of being full term (i.e. 37-39 weeks) and hopefully will be nice and healthy when he comes out.

Cue my reaction:

I’m going to get the essentials of the ready-for-the-hospital pack ready, and watch for the really funky nesting signs from Val.

Today was a happy day. Dave and I have been working on getting Baby Max’s room ready, and the biggest project that we had to do was priming and painting his room. When we first moved into the house, we painted what we dubbed “the baby’s room” two lovely shades of green. Two of the walls had a very pretty light green, and the other two adjacent walls had a darker shade of green.

Two years later and with a baby on the way, we decided that we wanted to have a room that was a bit cheerier and brighter, more appropriate for a baby. Plus, we needed a color scheme that would match the bedding set we picked out for Mr. Max. (more…)

Well, the ominous news is that his movements are starting to slow down a bit…he’s still moving, just not as much, so both Val and I were a little nervous. So far, though — his stress tests have been normal.

However, after lunch today, he moved a bit more and kicked mom a bit and repeated the behavior right before dinner (as if to say “C’mon Mom, where’s my chow?”), so we’re feeling better about him. We’ve got another non-stress test on Saturday just to make sure he’s okay.

In other news – I think I finally “get” swaddling. We had another set of childbirth and baby care classes this week over at Alta Bates, and I’m slowly becoming more confident that I’ll be able to satisfactorily pull this whole “fatherhood” thing off…

Lastly, we finally got our copy of Angel in the Waters… which is on-line, but the story is so sweet that we had to own it!

Hang in there, Max! Only 5.5 weeks (at most) to go!

Your mom and dad are nervous, anxious and very excited to meet you!! 🙂

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