Cookie on Dog Nose

“Anti-cip-aaaa-tion! It’s making me wait…” 🙂

Or, conversely, to quote the Far Side Cartoon the picture above reminds me of: “That’s it – I’m going to kill him!”

(Steele Family Note — we trained our dogs to hold a cookie on their nose without chomping down right away.  So this sort of thing isn’t torture — it’s good dog training!)

This week was kind of a place-holder in terms of the Max. Nothing new to write home about – Max is doing fine – his heart is the right speed, he’s the right size, etc.

But the waiting for him to finally be born at this point is getting to both Val and I. We want him on-time so he can be as healthy a baby as possible, but to quote Homer Simpson: “Is there anything faster than a microwave?”

Val and I have already visited the new Alameda Public library and it brought back memories of when I was young and my folks would take me to the library every other or 3rd Saturday morning. Getting books to read was a great experience and I hope little Max enjoys it as much as I did back then. I mentioned this experience to my mother, and she responded by Amazon’ing a selection of some nice kid books for us to read to him once he’s out (but not necessarily about).
I’ve already started reading to him in the hopes that he CAN hear me in there in the hopes that it’ll calm him when he’s out here with us and hears something familiar.

Yes, I’m a self-confessed fatherly sap-wuss, so I offer no guy apologies at being a softie when it comes to reading to my not-yet-born son. 🙂

And after some review — I’m also thinking that a Max “Where the Wild Things Are” wolf onesie or Halloween costume would be really cute for him since Max is the main character in that Maurice Sendak classic.

Max - Where the Wild Things Are Max Live Action