First of all — sorry for the delay in posting this. It took a while, but finally I decided to host the pictures at picasaweb rather than post them here and have them take up a lot of space.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Valerie and I managed to escape for a few days to Sedona, Arizona for our first anniversary.

We rented a nice, modest PT cruiser and we trekked from Phoenix up to Sedona and spent five days out at Sedona’s Hotel Rouge and Spa.

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First of all — the pictures of our Sedona trip can be seen here:

And with time, I’ll get to annotating them. But for now, here’s a brief synopsis:

We went to the Grand Canyon on a Pink Bus tour. Our driver/tour guide was a nice and easy-going fella.

Of course, no trip is without shopping. About 3/4 of Sedona is one giant tourist trap, and Tlaquepaque (phoenetically it’s “Ta-lack-a-pack-ee” according to our hotel conceirge) was no exception to this rule, despite it sounding like something a dentist should scrape off your teeth.

But ultimately — unless you’re into SouthWestern touristy collectables, there isn’t much to recommend at Tlacquepaque, unless you’re into new agey tchoksies from Arizona. But it was a nice walk.Saturday was our actual anniversary, and this time – Dave did his homework. With the help of yelp, I found the best fine dining of steak in Sedona: Savannah’s. We were waited on by an ex-San Diego native who bonded with Val and we had the best darn filet mignon … EVER. So Val posted her own Savannah’s review.

We also received a nice couples massage at the spa on Monday…I got the standard and Val got a prenatal massage. The difference is that Val had a special pillow to hold Val’s belly in such a way that Max had some extra room, of which he made use of and he had a little dancing fun while Mom relaxed. Very nice. 🙂

To those of you who have visited Sedona before – sadly, we didn’t take any of the jeep off-roading tours or hike since Val’s too far along for that sort of fun, but our visit in Sedona was awesome and probably the most relaxed we’ve been in months.

Sedona gets the DavenVal thumbs up for a nice travel destination.

United Airlines, however, does not. We got hosed by them on the return flight due to weather trouble, but to make a bad story short — they were far from accommodating on the whole affair.

Quote Bill the Cat: “Pbbbbbbtt!” 😦