I was reading the local paper today on-line and came across this great article about Ole’s Waffle Shop.

Val and I agree with the article — it’s not the BEST food in the world, but it (a) is relatively inexpensive, (b) the waitresses are entertaining, engaging and funny, (c) it’s pretty tasty, especially for those of us who like having breakfast for dinner and (d) for an entertaining look into the Alamedan lifestyle, it’s probably a good bet.  And if you’re an Alamedan looking for a Dave and Val sighting:  Val and I can usually be found getting there around 7:30-8pm on a weeknight and are usually the second to last or last Ole’s customer’s of the evening.

Val and I often eat dinner late — which, in Alameda, can be very tricky.  Most places close at 9pm sharp, and Ole’s is actually worse, they close around 8:30pm, so if you’re an Alamedan Night Owl, you’re outta luck, but otherwise it’s highly recommended.

Check the Dave and Val Entertainment Map for the exact location on Park Street.