Well, the ominous news is that his movements are starting to slow down a bit…he’s still moving, just not as much, so both Val and I were a little nervous. So far, though — his stress tests have been normal.

However, after lunch today, he moved a bit more and kicked mom a bit and repeated the behavior right before dinner (as if to say “C’mon Mom, where’s my chow?”), so we’re feeling better about him. We’ve got another non-stress test on Saturday just to make sure he’s okay.

In other news – I think I finally “get” swaddling. We had another set of childbirth and baby care classes this week over at Alta Bates, and I’m slowly becoming more confident that I’ll be able to satisfactorily pull this whole “fatherhood” thing off…

Lastly, we finally got our copy of Angel in the Waters… which is on-line, but the story is so sweet that we had to own it!

Hang in there, Max! Only 5.5 weeks (at most) to go!

Your mom and dad are nervous, anxious and very excited to meet you!! 🙂