Today was a happy day. Dave and I have been working on getting Baby Max’s room ready, and the biggest project that we had to do was priming and painting his room. When we first moved into the house, we painted what we dubbed “the baby’s room” two lovely shades of green. Two of the walls had a very pretty light green, and the other two adjacent walls had a darker shade of green.

Two years later and with a baby on the way, we decided that we wanted to have a room that was a bit cheerier and brighter, more appropriate for a baby. Plus, we needed a color scheme that would match the bedding set we picked out for Mr. Max.

We finally settled on two lovely colors from Glidden, Zen Mist (RC15) and Siesta Key (RC23). What we didn’t have, however, was a lot of time, as this was a project that we had postponed for months on end. We needed to prime the room, which was no small task as the darker green turned out to be harder to cover up than we had initially thought.

We started priming the walls in late May, which still gave us plenty of time to finish. We ran out of the first can of primer after covering 1 1/2 walls, but rather than running over to Home Depot to buy more primer, we waited…for the next weekend, then the next weekend, then the next weekend…until we realized that it was the middle of July and we still had 2 1/2 walls to prime and 4 walls to paint with new colors.

So, to make a long story short, we finally finished the primer 2 weeks ago. We were worried that since we only had a few weeks until Max would get here, that if we painted with Glidden paint, that the paint smell would linger, or somehow still remain in the room. (I know, crazy, but oh well).

Our friend (and alley neighbor) Sri, who is a die-hard Al Gore worshipper, turned us on to the Ecohome Improvement Store in Berkeley. They sell no-VOC paint, which I was told had absolutely no smell. Sri had recently painted his entire home with the same kind of paint, and not only is the paint job absolutely beautiful, there was no paint smell whatsoever. We decided to jump on the no-VOC bandwagon, headed over to Ecohome, and sure enough, they were able to match our color swatches with their American Pride paint brand.

We bought our paint, and today, with the much-needed help of Grandpa and Grandma Steele (Thank You!), finally finished painting Max’s room. We’re planning on adding a white chair rail to separate the two colors (green on the bottom, blue on top), and then accent the chair rail with the Lil Dino wall border. I’m looking forward to the chair rail project, and think that we can pull it off. Wish us luck! 🙂