Lately I’ve been scaling back on my comic purchases since (a) I’m a soon to be dad, and (b) won’t have the TIME to actually get to a comic store.

However, to help myself through this comic drought – I’ve bought a couple of collections that should keep me busy – oh, probably forever.  Or at least to 2008.  🙂

The first is a DVD collection that collects ALL (that’s right, ALL) of the Fantastic Four comic books from 1961 to 2006.

So if I have a TV/DVD player or a computer screen, I’m good to go.  On top of that, you can print it on paper if you choose to have the tactile experience.  (It’s not the SAME paper, but the functionality is there if you want it.)

I was ready to buy this until I saw a similar product – this time, with the Silver Surfer comics from roughly the same time period added on to the FF DVD collection (probably marketed to line up with the new movie), for roughly the SAME PRICE on E-Bay as the FF DVD by itself.  So that was an easy buy.

The second I’m eyeing is similar to the first – but it’s Amazing Spider Man DVD comics over the same time period.  (And sadly, it does NOT collect all the other offshoots –– I suspect there could be a “Spidey DVD Volume 2” down the road.)

There’s also Avengers, X-Men, Captain America and Hulk DVD sets… and I suspect Daredevil isn’t far away.

Daredevil would SO be the next one I’d snag.

The others… MAYBE the Avengers one (but no West Coast, bummer) but X-Men I wouldn’t need because – well, I have reprints of most/all of ‘em, and Cap and Hulk – there are stretches of YEARS where those titles just weren’t all that good, nor were they SO bad that they’d be good…so even the nostalgia and mockery elements aren’t there to justify the cost.

I’ll take a gander at these in between my daddy-hood moments (or in the middle of them and get him started appreciating comics EARLY) and let you know what I think.