August 2007

This one has a catchy title …”The Battle of Kruger”… and yes, it’s another youtube find… this time it is courtesy of my buddy Lorin.

First, note that the file is 8 minutes. But as he told me — make sure to watch the whole thing.

It’s nature at work, and it doesn’t start, continue or end the way you may think it might.

And another Lorin plug while I’m at it… Lorin and I have long thought about doing a comic book podcast, and while that’s fallen by the wayside, Lorin has delved into his own reviews of Marvel comics in chronological order, from publishing date and posted these reviews on-line.

While initially it sounds insane, after reading much of it, well… it’s still insane, but in terms of understanding how comic book writing and plotting in the 1960s Marvel style, I believe there’s some gems of understanding in his methodology.

Check it out if that’s your thing…!


Now that I’m a father, I think I’m starting to get what life’s about.

I don’t think any other words could explain it as well as these photos can…

 Max Looking Back

 Max and Daddy

Max is doing just fine, but I came across this and since we’re the Karaoke King and Queen of the East Bay, we had to share this with all of you…

And for those of you wondering, yes, Spock is voiced by none other than Charlie Murphy of Dave Chappelle fame.

This is totally stuck in Val, Max’s and my head these days. We don’t know why it resonates so well with us, so in a “chain letter sharing will resolve the curse” method of thinking — I simply must share this with you all.

You can hate me all later. 🙂

Two of them…

For fans of the Muppet Show, here’s a link for an old documentary that can now be found on youtube showing what went into making the Muppet Show. There’s six parts in all. Here’s the first part (rest can be found on related youtube searches)…

For other puppet mayhem — here’s “Pulp Muppets”, also on youtube but located first by Miz Anni:

plus a mini-update on Max, Day 6:

Max and Mommy are still doing great. We have had a LOT of help from family and friends over the last few days, and we thank you all for helping us with the wonderful transition of being new parents!

Obviously, more pictures to follow…

Over this last weekend (i.e. end of July) we finally finished Max’s room (which, in retrospect, was very good timing). It’s blue and green from the ECO paint mentioned earlier.

Grandma and Grandpa Steele helped with the painting and installation of the chair rail (shown below) with the help of a compressor powered nail gun… and Mom and Dad got the dino border stuck up on the wall just right.

We also managed, with SOME assembly required (i.e. hours of sweat, swearing and frustration) to get the crib, changing table and the dresser drawers put together for the little man. He’s got hypoallegrically cleaned clothes, bibs, towels…

And a special shout out goes to Lorin, who without his assistance most of the furniture would’ve stayed downstairs in cardboard boxes. And Lyman too — for helping with taping and priming Max’s hood. 😉



The little dude is SO hooked up (spoiled already) ….!!!

Today is Max’s first Sunday! I’ve found about 5 minutes to post a short blog entry, but I just wanted to say thank you to all of our friends and family who have sent us their good wishes for Max. He’s already had several visitors the last few days, including his future playmate Belly from the Block (hee – take that J-Lo!).

I’ll post more in a few days, but for now, here is one of the cutest pictures we have of Mr. Max.

Max.August 9

Okay, we can’t post just one. Here’s another one after his first home bath this morning.

After my first bath at home!

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