Over this last weekend (i.e. end of July) we finally finished Max’s room (which, in retrospect, was very good timing). It’s blue and green from the ECO paint mentioned earlier.

Grandma and Grandpa Steele helped with the painting and installation of the chair rail (shown below) with the help of a compressor powered nail gun… and Mom and Dad got the dino border stuck up on the wall just right.

We also managed, with SOME assembly required (i.e. hours of sweat, swearing and frustration) to get the crib, changing table and the dresser drawers put together for the little man. He’s got hypoallegrically cleaned clothes, bibs, towels…

And a special shout out goes to Lorin, who without his assistance most of the furniture would’ve stayed downstairs in cardboard boxes. And Lyman too — for helping with taping and priming Max’s hood. 😉



The little dude is SO hooked up (spoiled already) ….!!!