This one has a catchy title …”The Battle of Kruger”… and yes, it’s another youtube find… this time it is courtesy of my buddy Lorin.

First, note that the file is 8 minutes. But as he told me — make sure to watch the whole thing.

It’s nature at work, and it doesn’t start, continue or end the way you may think it might.

And another Lorin plug while I’m at it… Lorin and I have long thought about doing a comic book podcast, and while that’s fallen by the wayside, Lorin has delved into his own reviews of Marvel comics in chronological order, from publishing date and posted these reviews on-line.

While initially it sounds insane, after reading much of it, well… it’s still insane, but in terms of understanding how comic book writing and plotting in the 1960s Marvel style, I believe there’s some gems of understanding in his methodology.

Check it out if that’s your thing…!