September 2007

Okay, a bunch of little things…

First of all — found a YANT (“yet another nerd test”)…and my results!  Click them if you wish to compare your nerdiness against my “dorky nerd god” status!!! says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!

Next up, the folks that previously gave you Mystery Science Theater 3000 are doing something similar called Rifftrax.

The idea is that you start the movie and their “podcast” at the same time, and it’s like having that annoying guy at the movies shouting appropriate and inappropriate jokes at what’s happening on the screen in synch with what’s happening, like the Wizard of Oz – Pink Floyd thing. Sadly, the “for profit” angle is there — they charge a whopping $3 per “trax”.

(Might try the Matrix one…) 😉

Thirdly, an amusing list of the Top 10 cartoons NEVER to show your children. My favorites are their #2 and #1 choices, but especially #2, because I know a few friends whose parents made that specific mistake: “Not all bunnies are cute.”

Lastly, Holy Classics, Batman — It’s Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”, but done in 1940s Batman comic art style!

And not an oxymoron – the “Mini Max” update: He’s still growing! He’s been fussy of late. Right now the current parental theory is “too much gas”. Sleep is a valued commodity among Mom and Dad. But like good little hypnosis victims, we always respond to his requests…



“I’m coming, Max!”


Max has grown leaps and bounds in the last 5 weeks. We’ve also been very lucky to have had my mom stay with us since his birth day on August 7. On Monday, mama and tatay went back home to San Diego. Max wanted to say “maraming salamat po” to his lola for taking care of him during his first month. He loves lolo and lola very much.


Max has also grown an amazing 2 lbs, 5 oz. since he was born, and as of last Friday, weighed a whopping 8 lbs., 9 oz. Go Max go!


Max is also try ing to get an early start on fitness, so he’s hit his first gym! 🙂


It’s been a while.  Having a child does that to a hobby.  🙂

Update on the site coming down the pike: Val and I have been discussing the outlay of the website, and in the future, I may shunt these comic media updates from the mainsite since the mainsite’s focus is for the family updates.   So if these features shift, I’ll be sure to leave a link here so that you faithful readers can continue to follow my randomly written comic book thoughts.

Until then, here’s what I’ve found interesting of late, both on and off the web that is comics related.

Plus… why is this old man so ticked?

Old Man Spidey

Read on, fellow websurfers…!


Check out Maxwell’s House — Max’s own page where he says hello to all of his new friends!

Normally, I don’t blog about work.  That’s because the number one rule of Fight Work Blogging Club is don’t freakin’ talk about Fight Work Blogging Club.  😉

Seriously, folks that blog about seemingly innocuous things at work, especially in a corporate environment — can find themselves out of work.  I don’t have examples, but they aren’t hard to find out there…

  • Those that are too critical about work can find themselves being hated by the PR department.
  • Those that are too evangelistic about their work can often be loved by the PR department, but could run into trouble with accidental disclosure of intellectual property or corporate secrets.

So whenever I mention my work on-line, I try to do so with the strictest of guidelines:

1) Be as freakin’ general as possible.
2) No names.  Period.

All this said, if something has entered the public net-arena that (a) was by corporate design and (b) not posted by me seems to be fair game to share.

So here’s a brief video ABC Go News link on not only my workplace, but if you ever wondered what an automotive sensor company makes (and what it looks like on the floor when making said parts), this video might help answer your curiosity.

I’ve also learned that sadly, this Go News link will only work for PC’s.  I haven’t found a Mac-compatible way to view this video link yet.  So I apologize to the Mac net-surfers, yes – we’re still second class net-citizens.

(That said, if you are a Mac user and DO figure out how to view the video, by all means, post a comment below on how you did it!)

The pitch of the video and why it made the news – as a trend, manufacturing engineering is being moved overseas because it’s cheaper.  That’s a fact.  There’s local interest in our plant by a local congressman because (a) our plant has been around nearly fifty years, (b) turns a profit and (c) “if you can make the financials work, proves the opposite trend, that’s it’s possible to have [manufacturing done here in the States]”.

And yes, they are looking for engineering and IT talent as well if you’re willing to make the drive out to Concord.

Rather than split up the articles this time out, I’m just going to throw a few things out there…

  • Congratulations to Greg and Ginny Lue for tying the knot in Hawaii back in August! We were with you two in heart and spirit!!!
  • Little Maxwell is one month old today/this Friday! Yay! That, and his lolo finally got to meet him in person!

Lolo and Max

  • Lately Max has been fussy during the night which has made both mommy and daddy tired and testy. Turns out he had a cold. He had his 1 month checkup today — and he’s now 8 lbs, 9 oz and 21″, which puts him in at average weight and really tall (95% percentile) for his age, so he’s going to be a cute, tall, slightly slender boy if the trends hold over time. Ladies of the high school class of 2025, take note! 😉
  • On a related tangent to parental sleepiness, the lyrics to “Stay Up Late” has been going through my head. As a single guy, I thought the song was cute. Now I have a new perspective – David Byrne is just an a-hole. 😉
  • Dave Simpson and Valerie Simpson via the Simpsons Movie website.

Dave Steele Simpson

Valerie Villaraza Steele Simpson